Novak Djokovic helps form national circuit with prize money in Serbia

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Novak Djokovic helps form national circuit with prize money in Serbia

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic and the Serbian Tennis Federation have joined forces to create the TSS Tour in Serbia. The Tour has been suspended for nearly two months and Djokovic has been in regular contact with the Serbian Tennis Federation with the hopes of creating a national circuit in Serbia during the Tour suspension.

The lower-ranked players have been left without a way to earn money during the Tour suspension and Djokovic wants to help fellow Serbian players as the TSS Tour will feature prize money. "I am very aware of the problems that many tennis players in my country are facing, I have been in contact with many and I know there are real problems.

So we have decided to devise a plan that will help them overcome this situation," Djokovic said in a statement published on the Serbian Tennis Federation website. "Six tournaments will be played with prizes economic guarantees, tournaments will be held for the juniors and if necessary I will put myself the material that is necessary for everything to work.

"I would also like to thank Danilo Petrovic, who has a fundamental role in this project being carried out and who has provided very good ideas. I also remember that all competitions will be played according to prevention and health measures, since health is our highest priority."

Serbian Tennis Federation President Mirko Petrovic was full of praise for Djokovic's initiative. "I would like to thank Novak for this exceptional reaction and for his desire to help Serbian tennis. We are proud to have his support and to have spoken to us throughout all these years, helping to develop tennis in Serbia.

We will do our part to justify their intention to be part of this project," Petrovic said. "I think these tournaments will help players mainly economically, and secondly it will be a way for them to get ready to continue the season of In the best possible way.

Until this occurs, we will try to ensure that Serbian tennis players have the best possible working conditions, and this tour is the first step in that direction."