Alejandro Davidovich Fokina speaks positively of Novak Djokovic, Nick Kyrgios

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Alejandro Davidovich Fokina speaks positively of Novak Djokovic, Nick Kyrgios

Rising Spanish star Alejandro Davidovich Fokina has spoken positively of world No. 1 Novak Djokovic and six-time ATP champion Nick Kyrgios. Djokovic, a 17-time Grand Slam champion, recently came out with the proposal to help the lower-ranked players during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

"Djokovic, I think he has done great things, also because of the competition with (Rafael)Nadal and (Roger) Federer," Davidovich Fokina told Diario AS. Kyrgios, 25, hasn't enjoyed a particularly good media image over the course of his career but world No.

97 Davidovich Fokina insists the Australian isn't a bad person. "He has had trouble on the court, but he's a good person," Davidovich Fokina claimed. Last month, Djokovic drew attention to himself when he revealed he was opposed to coronavirus vaccination and when he admitted he would have to give it a thought if taking a vaccine became compulsory.

"Maybe the vaccine will come soon and we will be able to play, but in such a global sport the situation would have to be normalized in all countries," Davidovich Fokina said. "If you pass the test, and if you had the coronavirus, or you don't have it, I don't think you have to be vaccinated."

Davidovich Fokina, 20, also revealed what's the hardest thing for him as a professional. "Not having a life like the rest. It is contradictory, because I like what I do and I find it enjoyable, but you miss family and friends, who I hardly see. The worst thing for me is not being able to stay at home as much as I want," Davidovich Fokina said.