Novak Djokovic reveals how he proposed to Jelena

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Novak Djokovic reveals how he proposed to Jelena

Novak Djokovic has always been very reserved about his private life. Family serenity was one of the main factors that allowed the 17-time Slam champion to return to winning after a long period of crisis. He met his future wife, Jelena Ristić, in high school, and began dating her in 2005.

The two became engaged in September 2013, and on 10 July 2014 the couple got married on Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, while a church wedding was held in the same place, on 12 July 2014, in the Church of Saint Stephen which belongs to Praskvica Monastery.

On 24 April 2014, Djokovic announced that he and Ristić were expecting their first child. Their son, Stefan, was born on 21 October 2014 in Nice, France. Their daughter, Tara, was born on 2 September 2017. Novak and his wife Jelena Djokovic revealed how the Serbian made a sweet marriage proposal to Jelena.

“She thought we’re going hiking or something like this but we went for a h*t air balloon ride. I arranged another h*t air balloon in the distance that when we were coming closer to it, it rises and released the banner sign ‘will you marry me’, said Djokovic on ‘In Depth with Graham Bensinger.

“I say are we meant to meet another h*t-air balloon on our way and he goes like no this is awkward what’s happening,” explained Jelena. “And then the thing goes down and I’m reading it slowly because it’s letter up.

I’m like what will you marry me. But I’m like its a commercial? Is he crazy at 7:00 am? Why would want to put a commercial out? It’s not a commercial banner and he’s already down on the knee,” Jelena recalled.

“She keeps on telling me, she knows me so well that I can’t surprise her. But I am really glad that I managed to surprise her that time when I needed to,” Nole concluded.