Novak Djokovic discusses playing behind closed doors

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Novak Djokovic discusses playing behind closed doors

Last year, Novak Djokovic canceled two match points in response to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final, mocking the Swiss Maestro at the decisive tiebreak and winning the sixteenth Slam of his extraordinary career. The Serbian champion would then have reached 17 by remounting Dominic Thiem in the last act of the Australian Open 2020.

The World number 1 is known for his mental strength in the most complicated moments. Over the past few seasons, Nole has been able to overcome anger, fear, concern and the doubt of never returning to the levels of 2011 and 2015.

The 17-time Slam champion was unbeaten in 2020 before the suspension, with a balance of 18 wins and zero losses.

Djokovic on playing behind closed doors

In a recent interview with 'Guga' Kuerten, Nole suggested that he cannot think of playing competitive tennis in front of empty stands.

“I honestly don’t dream to play in front of empty stands. But It looks like that it’s going to be the reality of tennis. We have to probably accept that if we want to have the tour continued then we have to be playing in certain restricted conditions that will at least allow us to play and compete,” said Novak Djokovic during the conversation.

If this is ideal? No, of course. My opinion is that I personally don’t play tennis for me only. Of course, I play for me and my family. I feel like tennis gives me so much joy and I love playing it and of course, I practice.

I don’t need to have people there every practice,” he added. “I think the advantage of tennis in these circumstances compared to may other sports like team sports is that you can play national level tournaments, regional level or continental tournaments if countries between themselves allow people and players to travel between the countries,” Djokovic concluded.

Tennis pundits have classified many of Djokovic's matches as some of the greatest contests ever, with the 2012 Australian Open final being considered one of the greatest matches ever seen. Some longtime analysts claim that the Djokovic–Nadal rivalry ranks as the best rivalry in tennis history primarily because of the quality of matches they produce.

Some journalists and tennis players consider that the achievements of Djоkovic are not proportionally appreciated in the media and among tennis fans because of the prejudice against Eastern Europe.