How Novak Djokovic is turning the Pandemic into a Panorama of happier times

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How Novak Djokovic is turning the Pandemic into a Panorama of happier times

"Unlike many other players, I was able to train almost every day because we resided in a house with a tennis court," Novak Djokovic explained to a news media at his secluded tennis villa in Belgrade. He is turning the pandemic into a panorama of happier times as more situations become brighter since the coronavirus episode began.

The Serb's vacation to see his younger brother Marko in Marbella, Spain evolved into something unpredictable. In the middle of March, a few months ago he became quarantined there when the Coronavirus struck. It was out of a need to help his country and push forward with having outstanding players at a tennis event, Novak Djokovic organized the Adria Tour.

It comprises of many tournaments taking place in the Balkan area starting in Belgrade, Serbia on June 13 and finishing on July 5th. There will be an exhibition between Djokovic and Damir Dzumhur in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The matches will be in the round-robin sequence with two groups of four.

The No. 1 Serb took a bold stance on even beginning a tour as such that the epidemic situations within countries were causing a standsill of tournaments and not only tennis from being held. Novak Djokovic as well as all players of the professional tours have faced times of difficulty at keeping in shape and thinking positive during the extended lockdown.

"I am fit and in good shape, so I am looking forward to the Adria Tour..." Djokovic smilingly commented. He's not only the organizer but also a participant as he is presenting many top names who will be joining him at this special extravaganza.

"I am delighted that Dominic Thiem, Grigor Dimitrov and Alexander Zverev will be my guests here in my hometown...This is the first time any of them will be playing here and I will do everything in my power to be a good host the multi-titled champion went on to say.

There are other players being added onto the roster with Belgrade and Croatia the two countries for sure that the tournament will be in location. But Bosnia and Montenegro are the proposed other sites still not definite yet.

There are times of great doubt for most sporting events to happen, but as the coronavirus episodes subside, there is a rise in slowly more athletic events coming to be resurfaced. Tennis is a special sport that is totally international and involves players from all countries coming together to perform throughout the world.

It is important for all countries, not only the ones hosting the tournaments to have a healthful clearance from the country's leadership. As for the fans being able to come to Djokovic's Adria event at present may be skeptical at best, but it will be broadcasted on Sportklub TV channels of the region.

The Serbian wants everyone to enjoy the tournament and to be present in seeing it but says "We would dearly love for fans to be able to attend but that's still not certain because we have to abide by the Serbian government's coronavirus regulations."

The UTR tournaments were another creation began as the viral epidemic had subsided with the men's tournament winner being Reilly Opelka. The women also had their UTR event having Alison Riske and Alja Tomljanovic to name a few.

But the weather didn't cooperate and the tournament in West Palm Beach, Florida was rained out. Events are starting and most players are waiting on the re-scheduled time of not only the French Open but also the U.S. Open to become definitive positions on the tour.

The conditions of what the rest of the 2020 professional tour will look like are still unclear. The idea has also been pushed around about having tournaments without fans, but many feel it to be a bad idea due to the players using the emotional and vocal support of the crowd to help their performances on court.

The event organizers are good with the suggestion either as their financial revenues for ticket sales would be non-existent. The initial tour after the coronavirus crisis was slated for the end of July and the beginning of August.

This gave Novak Djokovic the green light to have his tour and it would be performed from start to finish. He is so intent on having his event not only for himself to participate but for his tennis player comrades who have been absent in competition for months.

It is with hopes that it will all come together and that Novak Djokovic will have success at turning this Pandemic into a Panorama of happier times for himself, other players and the world of the entire tennis community.