Novak Djokovic reached out to Nikoloz Basilashvili to show support

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Novak Djokovic reached out to Nikoloz Basilashvili to show support

Nikoloz Basilashvili's lawyer Irma Chkadua insists her client is completely innocent in the allegations made against him as she claims the Georgian was harrased by his ex-wife after the two divorced. Last Friday, the Georgian tennis star was arrested after his ex-wife Neka Dorokashvili reported being “physically assaulted” by her ex-husband.

Basilashvili, a three-time ATP champion, posted a bail of around $31,000 and he was released shortly after. Two days after his arrest, Basilashvili was charged with violence against a family member committed in the presence of a minor" in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

Basilashvili refused to in the details but he stated that he was innocent and that he would never do anything harmful to anyone -- especially not in front of his son. "The couple doesn't live together since 2018, they officially divorced in August of 2019.

The initiator of divorce was Nikoloz. During the 2019 US Open, Dorokashvili managed to get into the locker room with a fake ID, where she had a dispute with Nika," Chkadua said. Nikoloz Basilashvili is the top-ranked Georgian tennis player.

"After this, the US Open officials had asked Dorokashvili to leave the territory and she left USA with Basilashvili's expenses. As of late, she has a habit of starting disputes and pressuring Basilashvili before his matches."

Novak Djokovic reached out to Nikoloz Basilashvili to show him his support

Reportedly, world No.

1 Djokovic was aware of the US Open incident and he reached out to Basilashvili to show him his support.

Chkadua also suggested they have clear evidence which show that Basilashvili's ex-wife was lying in some of her accusations. Nikoloz Basilashvili, ranked at No.

27 in the world, is the highest-ranked Georgian tennis player.