Novak Djokovic reveals his greatest weakness

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Novak Djokovic reveals his greatest weakness

Novak Djokovic has experienced many unforgettable moments in his career. The 17 Grand Slam titles, the 5 ATP Finals triumphs and the 282 number 1 weeks are just some of the incredible numbers that the Serbian can boast. Nonetheless, even one of the greatest champions ever had to digest some really painful defeats.

In addition to Roland Garros, which caused so many sporting pains to the Belgrade before the 2016 triumph, the most scorching knockouts of Nole's career have come to the Olympics; so much so that Olympic gold is now the only stain of his boundless palmares.

Djokovic on his greatest weakness

Novak Djokovic recently had a talk with Graham Bensinger where they talked about many things. One of those things was Novak’s greatest weakness. “My greatest weakness and my greatest strength at the same time is my ability or inability to comprehend things on a deeper level.

To be more concrete, I feel I am at my best when I understand that the power comes from within. And whatever is happening outside, I can solve it inside" - the 17 time Grand Slam champion said. “Vulnerability is a beautiful thing cause when you are vulnerable you are emotional, you are freed, you are kind and you are loving.

So, vulnerability is beautiful to show especially for men. I see men a lot of times not show this because you have to be macho all the time but I think it shows me my weaknesses" - he added. Some observers, tennis players and coaches describe Djokovic as the greatest of all time because he won the trophies with victories against the top players and the biggest rivals in one of the strongest eras of tennis.

Currently, Djokovic leads the head-to-head record against all members of the Big Four and he has highest number of Slams won beating Big Four member en route. Furthermore, he won on average higher-ranked players on the way to the Grand Slam trophies then Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.