Damir Dzumhur: Having Novak Djokovic in Sarajevo will be special for all Bosnians

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Damir Dzumhur: Having Novak Djokovic in Sarajevo will be special for all Bosnians

Bosnian tennis star Damir Dzumhur is looking forward to playing against world No. 1 Novak Djokovic in his hometown and the capital city of Bosnia, Sarajevo. Recently, Djokovic launched the Adria Tour -- an event which will take place across four Balkan countries.

One of the stops will be Sarajevo, where three-time ATP champion and top-ranked Bosnian Dzumhur will play a charity match against Djokovic. Dzumhur, a former world No. 23, and 17-time Grand Slam champion are scheduled to meet in Sarajevo in early-July.

"People in Sarajevo, and throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, really love Novak. As soon as it appeared in the media that there was a chance for Djokovic to come, I knew how much attention it would cause. People are crazy about it, they just talk about it.

I received a big number of messages, and several hundred people asked me for tickets. I am glad that he is coming and I hope that we will organize everything and welcome him the way the world No. 1 deserves, and that is at the highest level.

It will be a special moment for all people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and for the people of Sarajevo, because one of the besathletes of all time is coming to us. It will be an ideal opportunity to see Novak live. I'm sure it will be a real sports spectacle," Dzumhur said, per RTS.

Damir Dzumhur says Djokovic has been planning something for quite some time

"Novak also intended to organize something for the entire region in the past period, where the best tennis players, football players, basketball players, athletes from this area would participate.

Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to find a date that suits everyone. However, even though it remained for another time, Djokovic has now started the Adria Tour, which is an exceptional thing. This is perhaps the only time in our careers when we can organize something like this, and it is nice of him to be the initiator of everything.

I am glad that something like that will finally happen, and I am especially glad that I will have the opportunity to play a match with Novak in the city where I was born and where I live," Dzumhur said. Damir Dzumhur and Djokovic have played twice against each other, with the Serb winning both matches in straight sets.