Danielle Collins calls out Novak Djokovic for his comments on US Open

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Danielle Collins calls out Novak Djokovic for his comments on US Open

American world No. 51 Danielle Collins didn't take well world No. 1 Novak Djokovic's comments on the US Open's strict hygiene restrictions. The United States Tennis Association is keen on organizing the US Open as initially scheduled from August 31 - September 13.

However, it will be all but easy as the US Open organizers have a plan of how to safely stage the US Open. The plan includes flying players over to the United States, potentially putting them up in a bubble, allowing them to bring only one team member.

The rules that they told us that we would have to respect to be there, to play at all, they are extreme. "We would not have access to Manhattan, we would have to sleep in hotels at the airport, to be tested twice or three times per week," Djokovic said.

"Also, we could bring one person to the club which is really impossible. I mean, you need your coach, then a fitness trainer, then a physiotherapist. "All their suggestions are really rigorous but I can understand that due to financial reasons, due to already existing contracts, organisers (want the event to be) held."

Danielle Collins suggests players absolutely need the US Open

"Novak Djokovic, this is a serious contradiction to previous comments about having players with inside the top-100 donate their money to players outside the top-250.

No one has been able to play sanctioned events since or make money since February," Collins said in an Instagram story post. "Here we have an awesome opportunity with the US Open talking about proceeding forward with the event, with some strict safety precautions to make sure everyone all players feel safe and their health is put first.

"This is a massive opportunity for players to start making money again, and here we have the top player in the world saying only being able to bring one person with will be too difficult because he won't be able to bring his entourage.

"If it's safe to play and the USTA, WTA, and ATP do everything to prioritize the health of players. I think we should support that. It's easy when someone has made nearly $150 million throughout their career, to try and tell people what to do with their money, and then turn down playing at the US Open.

"For those of us (most tennis players) who don't travel with an entourage, we actually need to start working again. It would be nice to have the best player in the world supporting this opportunity and not spoiling it for players and fans."

Danielle Collins, 26, has earned $2,567,747 throughout her career.