Mitchell Krueger calls out ATP Player Council President Novak Djokovic


Mitchell Krueger calls out ATP Player Council President Novak Djokovic
Mitchell Krueger calls out ATP Player Council President Novak Djokovic

American world No. 195 Mitchell Krueger has hit out at world No. 1 Novak Djokovic as he suggests the Serb should be doing a better job of representing all the players as President of ATP Player Council. On Tuesday, the US Open received the green light to proceed with the event but it hasn't been all great for them since the lower-ranked are furious there won't be qualifying events at the tournament this year.

One thing that is also sparking rage is that the US Open organizers have had a change of heart and now players will be able to bring three team members instead of one, as originally planned.

"Three guests per player allowed at the US Open this year. We were told on last week’s zoom call that extra guests would come at the expense of draw sizes.

And you honestly thought catering to the top didn’t exist?" Krueger claimed in a Twitter post. "As the leader he (and all those before him) has the responsibility to make sure his fellow council members are actively doing their job.

Not once in my entire career have I ever gotten any communication from anyone on the council. Players outside 100 are totally unrepresented "This is the last I’ll say on this. The players outside 100 want to feel like they’re supported.

That’s all we’re asking for. We wouldn’t have to go public if communication was handled better from those in the know and it starts at the top." When asked if he would say the same if it was Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer instead of Djokovic, Krueger said: "To be honest, Rafa and Roger wouldn’t put themselves in the same situation."

The comments that sparked Mitchell Krueger's rage

"I’m extremely happy and excited to see that all the tournaments, especially Grand Slams, are organising their events," Djokovic said on the Tennis Legends podcast, as quoted on Eurosport.

"I think it is fantastic news that the tour is coming back. I am sure that I am speaking on behalf of all the players and all the tennis fans and everyone involved in the tennis ecosystem. This is what we have been waiting for, for all these months!

We’ve been hoping and praying that the tour will continue very soon." Mitchell Krueger made his lone US Open main draw appearance in 2018, when he lost in the first round.

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