Novak Djokovic to be tested on coronavirus upon arriving to Belgrade

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Novak Djokovic to be tested on coronavirus upon arriving to Belgrade

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic is feeling no symptoms of the coronavirus and he will be tested when he arrives to Belgrade. The Adria Tour event in Zadar came to an end on the most unfortunate way as the organizers called off the final after it was revealed that Grigor Dimitrov tested positive for the coronavirus.

Djokovic, the man behind the Adria Tour project, claimed three wins in the group stage and earned a place in the final. His opponent in the final would have been world No. 14 Andrey Rublev, who also won each of his three group stage matches.

Djokovic and Dimitrov took part in a basketball match that was played just before the Adria Tour. Shortly after the unfortunate news broke out, the Adria Tour organizers announced everyone involved will get tested on Sunday night.

"Novak or anyone close to him hasn't had any symptoms, including the coaching staff, so he won't tested now (in Zadar). Upon his arrival home in Belgrade, he will contact the epidemiologist, his doctor and then he will continue the procedure following the recommendations of the medical service," the Adria Tour organizers said, as revealed on Sport Klub.

Novak Djokovic suffers a huge blow

After a two-month quarantine in Marbella, Djokovic returned to Serbia in May and launched the Adria Tour. The Serb had been planning for a long time to organize a Tour around the Balkans as his wish was to gather the biggest names of the game and bring them to the region he grew up.

The initial plan was to stage the Adria Tour across four Balkan countries -- Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia. The first leg of the Adria Tour event kicked off on June 13 in Djokovic's hometown, Belgrade. World No.

1 Djokovic failed to make it past the group stage but still he was extremely satisfied with how it all went down as his childhood dream of brining top players to his hometown was fulfilled. While the Adria Tour event in Belgrade was taking place, it was announced that the event in Montenegro wouldn't take place due to the restrictions set by their government.

At this point, it appears unlikely that the Adria Tour event in Bosnia will take place. Novak Djokovic said several times that the Adria Tour organizers were strictly following the epidemiological measures issued by the governments.