Dan Evans: Novak Djokovic should be setting better example as world No. 1

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Dan Evans: Novak Djokovic should be setting better example as world No. 1

Top-ranked British tennis player Dan Evans thinks world No. 1 Novak Djokovic should take the full responsibility for the events that happened over this past weekend at the Adria Tour event in Zadar. Grigor Dimitrov, ranked at No.

19 in the world, tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday evening -- just after playing Borna Coric at the Adria Tour event in Zadar. A week earlier, Dimitrov also participated at the Adria Tour event in Belgrade and it was unclear where exactly he contracted the coronavirus.

The stadiums were packed in Belgrade and Zadar, players shook hands and hugged each other but the Adria Tour organizers insisted they didn't breach any of the safety measures issued by the governments in Serbia and Croatia.

Coric, a two-time ATP champion, announced on Monday morning that he had also tested positive for the coronavirus. "I just think it is a poor example to set," Evans said, per Metro UK. "Even if the guidelines in that country are not two metres I think we should all… it is not a joke is it? "Even if the guidelines were taken away in this country to normal I would still be trying to keep myself out of the way as much as I could from other people.

And I just think there has been a total disregard to that. "It is very unfortunate that Grigor has it, Coric has it but, you know, if you strip it back, is it a surprise? I think that is the question we should all ask.

"I think we could definitely learn from that. And hopefully that event doesn’t take away from… now the US Open, I hope there is no second-guessing now on the US Open because of unfortunate events."

Dan Evans says Djokovic should be setting a better example as world No.

1 and ATP Player Council President

"I think your question answers what I think. Yes," Evans said, when asked if Djokovic should be setting a better example given his position. But when asked should Djokovic consider his position as ATP Player Council President, Evans was unsure.

"I don’t know," Evans said. "Honestly, when I sit in those meetings, I don’t know how it really works and how they get to those positions. "But, put it this way, I don’t think you should be having a players party and dancing all over each other and then, two very good tennis players have tested positive, you should feel some responsibility in this event and how it has transpired." Dan Evans is set to participate at the Battle of the Brits.