Bruno Soares thinks Novak Djokovic's actions could impact image of tennis

Soares thinks the Adria Tour was a 'horror show'.

by Dzevad Mesic
Bruno Soares thinks Novak Djokovic's actions could impact image of tennis

Brazilian doubles star Bruno Soares says the Adria Tour was a "horror show" after two players who participated at the event tested positive for the coronavirus. The Adria Tour -- a Tour around the Balkans organized by Novak Djokovic -- held its first leg in Belgrade on June 13-14, while the second leg of the event took place this past weekend in Zadar.

Grigor Dimitrov, who played in Belgrade and Zadar, announced on Sunday evening that he had tested positive for the coronavirus after returning to his home in Monaco. After losing to Borna Coric on Saturday afternoon and feeling unwell, the Bulgarian pulled out of the event and he was replaced by Croatian Nino Serdarusic.

On Monday morning, two-time ATP champion Coric announced he had also tested positive for the coronavirus. The crowd was packed in Belgrade and Zadar, while players shook hands and hugged. The Adria Tour organizers said several times they strictly followed the rules issued by the governments in Serbia and Croatia.

"Huge irresponsibility, giant immaturity. I think they were careless and totally... even help me because I don't even know the word ... In a situation like this, no matter how good the situation is (in one country), even in the North Pole, with no case, you will not go out partying, (go to a) music show and post it on Instagram.

The minimum of respect for everything that is happening around the world. Horror show," Soares said on March Point, as revealed on Globo Esporte.

Bruno Soares says Djokovic's actions could affect the image of tennis

"I think it can affect yes.

Their event, although it was something completely different from what is going to happen in the United States, is causing a little general panic. We saw, everyone could follow, that this event was conducted with absurd irresponsibility.

We are seeing other events happening, we already had in Germany, some other places, by (Patrick) Mouratoglou now, being done without an audience, with a very different protocol than what was done on the Adria Tour. But, without a doubt, it can cause a crisis, say, between the events.

I hope not because the protocol is a thousand times different. But, it can really affect," Soares said. Djokovic is the President of the ATP Player Council, while former doubles world No. 1 Bruno Soares is a member of the ATP Player Council.

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