Nikola Pilic: Novak Djokovic had a noble idea but it ended in disaster

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Nikola Pilic: Novak Djokovic had a noble idea but it ended in disaster

Croatian tennis legend Nikola Pilic insists world No. 1 Novak Djokovic had a good intention with his Adria Tour project but it ended on an unfortunate way. The first leg of Djokovic's Adria Tour took place in Belgrade from June 13-14, while the second leg of the event took place this past weekend in Zadar.

Grigor Dimitrov, who participated in both Adria Tour events, announced on Sunday evening that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. The crowd was packed in Belgrade and Zadar, while players shook hands and hugged throughout the events.

Three more players who participated at the Adria Tour tested positive as the coronavirus tests of Djokovic, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki also came back as positive. Ever since Dimitrov tested positive, Djokovic has been receiving a lot of criticism.

The Adria Tour was a humanitarian event and Djokovic invested a lot of money to make the event happen. "I heard what happened and I am terribly sorry for Novak. This was a generous idea, which unfortunately ended in disaster.

I spoke with Novak on Saturday, the day before all this happened. He was proud and happy. I was in the organization of big tournaments, we are talking about a lot of money, and Novak covered everything himself," Pilic told, as revealed on Sport Klub.

"That tournament was supposed to be a huge promotion of Croatia in the world, especially at this moment which is delicate for the whole world. Do you know how much it means when No. 1 and a few other players from the very top of tennis come to you?"

Nikola Pilic doesn't seem to be really optimistic about the season resumption

"What season? What are we talking about here? I have no idea how the Americans think the US Open will take place if they keep European players locked up and quarantined for two weeks after arriving to America.

It has nothing to do with tennis. I don’t know, but it’s clear to me that the problem is huge. It’s not just a problem for tennis. All sports have been hit, especially football. I can't understand how anyone can think that they will be able to control the crowd in the stands.

It is impossible. What happened is a big problem and I have no idea how people from sports will solve it," Pilic added. Nikola Pilic, the 1973 French Open runner-up, achieved a career-high ranking of No. 6 in the world in 1968.