Dijana Djokovic: It's scary and frightening what some write about Novak Djokovic


Dijana Djokovic: It's scary and frightening what some write about Novak Djokovic
Dijana Djokovic: It's scary and frightening what some write about Novak Djokovic

Dijana Djokovic has confirmed that world No. 1 Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena are feeling fine after testing positive for the coronavirus as they two young and healthy individuals. Djokovic, a 17-time Grand Slam champion, tested for the coronavirus on Monday in Belgrade and the date later his tests came back as positive.

The whole Djokovic was tested for the coronavirus and his wife Jelena also tested positive but luckily their two kids tested negative. Djokovic's parents Dijana and Srdjan were also tested and their results came back as negative.

Djokovic and his wife will now self quarantine for 14 days and after five days the Serb will once again test for the coronavirus. "All of us feel good, as do the two of them. Just because Novak is positive doesn't mean he's sick.

He is a young and healthy man, so it is easier to cope with it. After all, I think this virus is coming to an end, so these are just some of the “tails” of the coronavirus that aren’t as strong as they were at the beginning.

That's why they feel good, as well we," Dijana Djokovic told Blic. Dijana and Srdjan attended the Adria Tour so they decided to also get tested. They felt fine so they weren't really too frightened but stil decided to do the right thing and get tested.

"We tested because we were there, but we were negative, as did the kids, who were also negative. We all feel good and wish everyone good health," Dijana Djokovic added.

'Clearly they have something against Novak Djokovic'

On Sunday, 2017 Nitto ATP Finals champion Grigor Dimitrov announced he tested positive for the coronavirus.

The following day, two more participants of the Adria Tour tested positive as the tests of Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki came back as positive. The crowds were packed in Belgrade and Zadar and players shook hands and hugged during the events.

Djokovic has been receiving a lot of criticism over the last 10 days, especially after several participants tested positive for the coronavirus. Dijana Djokovic says it's scary what some are saying about her son. "It's scary and frightening what they are writing, but we're used to it.

As they were just hoping something like this would happen. Obviously, they have something against Novak," Dijana Djokovic said. Novak Djokovic noted his intentions with the Adria Tour were pure but it ended on an unfortunate way.

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