Former Top 10 explains why Novak Djokovic annoys a lot of people

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Former Top 10 explains why Novak Djokovic annoys a lot of people

The cancellation of the Adria Tour, the exhibition organized by Novak Djokovic in the Balkans without the slightest respect of the security protocols and the rules on social distancing, caused a great sensation. Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric, Viktor Troicki and the same World number 1 (together with his wife Jelena) have in fact tested positive for Coronavirus, which has generated a wave of controversy and criticism against the 17-time Grand Slam champion.

Interviewed by Tennis Break News, Gilles Simon tried to clearly analyze the events that have happened in the last few days, avoiding to throw petrol on the fire unlike many of his colleagues (such as Guido Pella, Nick Kyrgios and Noah Rubin).

Simon: 'Djokovic tries to do a lot of things'

"There are a bunch of people who are very happy to weaken Djokovic because it takes up space," Gilles Simon said. "They will accuse Novak Djokovic by saying that it is entirely his fault and that it will be better organised on their side.

Because they don't want this thing to affect their tournament. It is not trivial, it does not happen by chance. He's someone very nice to only take it out on himself," Simon added. "It is complicated to decide on the repercussions of all this because it is only politics.

The first wave of criticism against Djokovic, it is very revealing," Simon stated. "Since when Noah Rubin has a whole page to demolish Djokovic? This is not the first guy, you say to yourself: 'We absolutely need the opinion of Noah Rubin [laughs]'

The American influence that we have here in France, the Americans also have at home. Noah Rubin criticized him for not being present at this Zoom meeting," Simon said. "But Djokovic spent 1,500 hours on the phone on this case without Rubin knowing it.

Rubin accuses him of not being there in the final conference when he had discussed all the subjects with everyone beforehand. Novak did a lot more for Noah Rubin than a lot of other guys, but he decided he didn't like him because he was not at the conference which summed up all the meetings he had.

This is the problem we have with some players. When you can give the floor to anyone, you will always find guys who disagree and who do not have an overall vision because they haven't been on the circuit for too long. As Novak tries to do a lot of things, it annoys a lot of people ..

and right now, it annoys the USTA who want to organize the tournament. They try to reassure everyone but when you have the World No. 1 who says 'No, no we are not playing under these conditions', they are not happy" - Gillou finished.