Donna Vekic: I feel really bad for Novak Djokovic, he only had good intentions

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Donna Vekic: I feel really bad for Novak Djokovic, he only had good intentions

Croatian tennis star Donna Vekic has come to the defense of Novak Djokovic as she insists the Adria Tour was an amazing project on paper but unfortunately it ended in disaster. Djokovic, a 17-time Grand Slam champion, had been planning for quite some time to organize a tour around the Balkans and he saw off a perfect opportunity to pull it off while the Tour was suspended.

Djokovic, who was born in the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, for years wanted to bring some of the biggest names of the game to his hometown. Djokovic's goal of bringing some of the biggest names of the game to the Balkans was fulfilled as the Adria Tour events in Belgrade and Zadar featured star-studded player fields.

But unfortunately the Adria Tour came to an end on the worst possible way as it got cancelled after a total of four players tested positive for the coronavirus. The 33-year-old Serb was one among the four players that tested positive and he has been receiving a lot of criticism over the last several days.

Donna Vekic understands it's a tough situation to be in but she insists Djokovic's intention were good.

Djokovic himself invested a lot of money to make the Adria Tour possible and there were no financial reasons behind his project since the Adria Tour was a humanitarian event.

"It's a (messed up) situation, but I feel really, really bad for Novak, because his idea was amazing. It's tough to judge because the situation in Serbia and Croatia is like people are behaving without any restrictions, not just at the tennis.

If you go out to the restaurants and the clubs, you will see they are packed like person on person. I feel so, so bad for Novak, and honestly to bring so many top players to Croatia, I was like, 'Wow, you are doing a really good job, and it was all for charity.'

So I feel really bad it ended like this. He only had good intentions," Vekic told Christopher Clarey of The New York Times. World No. 24 Vekic also participated at the Adria Tour as she and rising Serbia star Olga Danilovic clashed in an exhibition match in Zadar.

Vekic, a former world No. 19, handed a defeat to Danilovic in front of her home fans. Donna Vekic later tested negative for the coronavirus.