'I'm sorry because I know what kind of heart Novak Djokovic has', says former Top 10

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'I'm sorry because I know what kind of heart Novak Djokovic has', says former Top 10

The news of the positivity of Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena, found after the exams carried out on the sidelines of the Zara stage of the Adria Tour, has turned the world of tennis upside down and generated controversy and accusations.

The World number 1, sorry for what happened, wanted to 'speak' to his fans through a post published on his social profiles: a message in which he has the Serbian invited all the tennis players present at the Adria Tour to do the test, and the self-isolation of 14 days and the subsequent swabs to verify its positivity was confirmed.

During his appearance on TV Prva, former US Open quarter-finalist Janko Tipsarevic discussed the Adria Tour debacle in detail.

Tipsarevic on Novak Djokovic

"I'm not happy, but I don't like to feel sorry for anyone, because, after seven operations, I was most annoyed when someone took pity on me.

I'm sorry because I know what kind of heart Novak Djokovic has, what he tried to do with Adria tour," the former Davis Cup winner said. "The criticism is not 100% fair because his idea was neither to earn money financially, nor to demonstrate his power, but only to send a beautiful and good image from the region to the world" - Janko Tipsarevic added.

The Serbian also said that his tournament would continue on the fields at Olympus. "Currently, there are dozens of tournaments in the world, such as the ones in America (US Pro tennis series), Germany (German pro series), or competitions such as the Baltic Tennis League...We did not want to spread the concept designed from the start so that it is without an audience and that this is a preparation for tennis players for the US Open, which is planned to take place," Tipsarevic stated.

Bruno Soares, member of the ATP Player Council, of which Djokovic is president, commented on the “horror show” that was the Adria Tour. Soares elaborated on the “enormous irresponsibility and huge immaturity” that governed the tournament.

Richard Gasquet has spoken out in defence of Djokovic and the so-called Adria Tour ‘fiasco’ in a recent interview with L’Équipe: “Djokovic is not the culprit”. In light of this, experts agree on a middle ground: although both players and the tournament organisers were eager to reinstate the tennis season in the Balkans, this should have been executed with greater delicacy, at both an individual and collective level.