Milos Raonic: Novak Djokovic had good intentions, no need for that much of criticism

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Milos Raonic: Novak Djokovic had good intentions, no need for that much of criticism

World No. 30 Milos Raonic thinks Novak Djokovic has done some positive stuff as the president of the ATP Player Council but now it will take him time to restore the confidence of some players. Djokovic, the founder of the Adria Tour, has received lots of criticism after several players tested positive at his event.

The Adria Tour event featured packed crowds in Belgrade and Zadar, while players shook hands and hugged. The Adria Tour organizers have since said several times they strictly followed the measures issued by the governments in Serbia and Croatia.

Still, that didn't stop criticism coming onto Djokovic's way as some have called for the sacking of the Serb from his role in the ATP Player Council. "I think he has resolved many issues in a positive manner since he took office, but in terms of the turn of recent events, I think it will take him a little time to restore the confidence of some players," Raonic told RDS.

Milos Raonic thinks Djokovic had good intentions

The Adria Tour was a charity event and Djokovic didn't organize it to make a profit out of it. Raonic thinks Djokovic's intentions were good but it ended on an unfortunate way.

The final of the Adria Tour event in Zadar was called off after Grigor Dimitrov announced he tested positive for the coronavirus. Novak Djokovic's father, Srdjan, later blamed the Bulgarian for ruining the event. Former world No.

3 Raonic wasn't happy of heeding those comments from Djokovic senior. "It's a shame that Novak receives so many negative responses when he wanted to do this tour with good intentions. The only thing that bothered me a bit was when I heard comments from his family that suggested that what is happening is the fault of Dimitrov.

I find it all unfair," Raonic said. Djokovic was in close contact with Serbian NBA star Nikola Jokic, who later tested positive for the coronavirus. "There are other things to consider, including Novak who went to a basketball game where he met Jokic who was later declared positive.

There was no need to go with these kinds of accusations," Raonic said. Djokovic and several other Adria Tour participants played a basketball match in Zadar prior to the event. 17-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic was hoping to play an exhibition match against Milos Raonic in Montenegro but unfortunately that couldn't happen.