Novak Djokovic thought he is above everyone else – Ruzici & Leconte's former coach

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Novak Djokovic thought he is above everyone else – Ruzici & Leconte's former coach

After the Adria Tour suddenly ended due to a coronavirus outbreak in Zadar, Novak Djokovic received waves of reproving remarks. Sever Dron, former coach of Virginia Ruzici and Henri Leconte, is the latest critic of the Serbian’s irresponsible behaviour.

Asked in exclusivity by Digi Sport about his opinion on the Adria Tour tournament, Sever Dron responded: “From this point of view, I think that the tournament organized by Djokovic doesn’t represent such a big deal, only a failed attempt to show that tennis can be played even in the current conditions”.

Sever Dron sees the coronavirus pandemic as an ongoing threat and he totally agrees with the restrictive measures taken by governments around the world to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread wildly.

Players and spectators joined Adria at their own risk – Sever Dron

The former coach of Ruzici and Leconte pointed out that the whole organization of the Adria Tour was deplorable, adding that the Belgrade disco party was unnecessary.

“Tennis is one of the sports with no contact between players, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to the ones around us. The organisation of the tournament was a big “n’importe quoi” (nothing), like the French say.

It seems that the players haven’t even had water on the court! And then, the disco celebration!?” said Dron. Asked who he thinks was guilty of what happened in Zadar, Sever Dron exempted Novak Djokovic from the fault: “No one forced players to come at this tournament or the spectators to be present.

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions!”

Novak Djokovic’s “top of the pyramid” view of the world

The Serbian world number one has millions of fans around the world and his actions are influencing a good part of his followers.

Novak Djokovic is known for being a very spiritual man, an advocate of plant-based eating, and a player who always looks for new methods to improve his performance on the court. However, his out-of-the-box thinking and his success led him to sometimes make mistakes, especially due to his superior behavior, claims Sever Dron.

“Nevertheless, I think that Djokovic, through his attitude manifested before the tournament, the declarations he made about US Open, the fact that he doesn’t want to be vaccinated in case this vaccine will exist, shows us an approach that, unfortunately, is frequent among the ones who reached the top of the pyramid and they think they are above everyone else,” said Sever.

“Sports stars have this inclination to out-of-the-common things. There are plenty of examples. Nobody can be above nature and her laws, and everything needs to be interpreted wisely,” concluded Dron.