Nemanja Matic: I don't see that Novak Djokovic did something wrong

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Nemanja Matic: I don't see that Novak Djokovic did something wrong

Serbian football star Nemanja Matic has further defended world No. 1 Novak Djokovic as he has underlined that the situation in Serbia was much better in England and that led to the government easing the restrictions. Djokovic, the founder of the Adria Tour, has received a lot of criticism over the last few weeks after the images of packed crowds in Belgrade and Zadar surfaced.

Players who participated at the Adria Tour shook hands, hugged and even played contact sports together such as football and basketball. The Adria Tour came to an end after four players tested positive for the coronavirus.

"People need to understand that the situation in Serbia was better than here. The country allowed everyone to do whatever they want, everything was open, the shopping centres and the restaurants," Matic told Sky Sports News, as revealed on Sportsmail.

''So they started to live normal lives because our country was closed for three months completely. You were not allowed to walk on the street, you couldn't leave your home, so it was different than [England]. "But when they opened they said 'you are more than free to do whatever you want'

Before that tournament, there was a game with 20,000 people and nobody said anything about that. "I just wanted to say that it is not his fault that he made the tournament. He just wanted to help the players play competitions.

I don't see that he [did] something wrong."

Matic 'blamed' Novak Djokovic for apologizing to the mice

"Respected, I see that in the last few days, there has been a campaign against Novak Djokovic for organizing a tournament in Belgrade, although according to the laws of the state of Serbia, everything was in order and it was organized at a high level," Matic said in an open letter to the public several days ago.

"Despite that, the mice have come out of their holes giving themselves the right to criticize the world number one, both in terms of tennis, but also in his attitude toward all the people in the world. "However, I'm not worried.

Very soon the cat (read, Nole) will be on the court, and the mice back in the hole. "The tournament was great and I hope it will become traditional, because our tennis deserves it. "The only thing I hold against Novak that he apologized to the mice who criticize him for no reason.

"No, Nole. They will be apologizing to you - soon. "Greetings to all the people of this world, from Manchester." Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena are recovering well as they are still showing now symptoms.