Filip Krajinovic blasts 'unimportant people' who criticize Novak Djokovic

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Filip Krajinovic blasts 'unimportant people' who criticize Novak Djokovic

Serbian world No. 32 Filip Krajinovic has come to the defense of fellow compatriot Novak Djokovic and blasted those who criticize the world No. 1. Djokovic, the founder of the Adria Tour, has received a lot of criticism over the last week after the events that happened at the Adria Tour.

A total of four players who participated at the Adria Tour -- including 17-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic himself -- tested positive for the coronavirus. The Adria Tour was a charity event and Djokovic invested a lot of money to make it happen.

But unfortunately things went wrong and it ended in disaster. "It was an honor for me to participate in Novak's tournament. I think we all felt very nice and we proudly accepted his invitation. We are all on his side.

Novak has done incredible things for tennis and for this country. People forget that quickly. I am very sorry that all this happened. There was a risk and we knew this could happen, and we hoped it wouldn’t. I am very sorry that people are looking at it from another angle," Krajinovic said on Sport Klub's Wish & Go podcast.

Filip Krajinovic thinks Djokovic will be a different beast when tennis returns

"The world media could hardly wait to find him something bad or (him making) a mini-mistake. I am sure that he will be even stronger when all this is over and that he will show on the court who he is and what he is.

He just wanted to help everyone, he had no financial benefit. He wanted to unite people, for us all to get better somehow. I am very sorry that some unimportant people gave themselves the right to spit on him. They can't do anything to him on the court and then they could hardly wait to say something.

But, I repeat, he will come out of it all even stronger. He did not commit any offense. He wanted only the best. Everything was done according to the regulations. No one forced them to come and watch. In my opinion, I don't think it was a good moment and it all happened too soon.

That's the only problem," Krajinovic added. Krajinovic, the 2017 Paris Masters runner-up, participated at the Adria Tour event in Belgrade but didn't play in Zadar a week later. Former world No. 26 Filip Krajinovic fell just short of winning it all in Belgrade as he ended runner-up in the final to Austrian Dominic Thiem.