Reportedly, WhatsApp chat between Novak Djokovic & footballer Adem Ljajic leaks out

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Reportedly, WhatsApp chat between Novak Djokovic & footballer Adem Ljajic leaks out

Per the Serbian media, a WhatsApp chat between world No. 1 Novak Djokovic and Serbian football star Adem Ljajic has reportedly leaked as the footballer wanted to personally thank the 17-time Grand Slam champion for his recent donation.

Novi Pazar, the hometown of Ljajic, has been one of the hardest hit cities in Serbia in recent days and record eight-time Australian Open champion Djokovic stepped out and handed out the city a €40,000 donation. "My brother, I wanted to personally thank you on behalf of the citizens of Novi Pazar for the donation you sent to my city and on my behalf.

Many messages came to me from Novi Pazar, to thank you personally. So I took advantage of that acquaintance of ours. I hope you and your family are ok? Get well soon," Ljajic wrote to Djokovic. Reportedly, Djokovic wrote back to Ljajic that he wants and feels the responsibility to help whenever he can and that handing out a big donation to Novi Pazar was really pure because he has heard great things about the city.

"Dear Adem, thank you for the wonderful message. It is my pleasure, honor and obligation to help whenever and wherever I can. I have never been to Novi Pazar, and I would love to. I heard the city has a great soul. We are fine, we have been negative since yesterday.

I hope you are as well as yours," Djokovic reportedly wrote back to Ljajic.

Djokovic and his wife recover from the coronavirus

On June 24 -- upon returning from Zadar to Belgrade -- Djokovic announced he and his wife tested positive for the coronavirus, while their kids tested negative.

Djokovic -- the founder of the Adria Tour -- received a lot of criticism over the last two weeks over the events that happened at his event as four players who participated tested positive for the coronavirus. But the recovery of Djokovic and his wife Jelena went smooth as they showed no symptoms, before they tested negative for the coronavirus this Thursday.

However, the Djokovic family will keep their promise and complete a 14-day self quarantine -- the self quarantine period will run through this coming Monday. Djokovic has made several donations since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the Adria Tour was a charity event.