Nicolas Jarry: I don't the culprit is just Novak Djokovic

Jarry speaks on the Adria Tour and returning to the practice court.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nicolas Jarry: I don't the culprit is just Novak Djokovic

Chilean tennis star Nicolas Jarry absolutely believes world No. 1 Novak Djokovic can't be the only one to blame for the events that happened at the Adria Tour as the government also played a big part. Djokovic, the founder of the Adria Tour, wanted to bring some of the biggest names of the game to the Balkans and raise some money for charity but his good initiative ended in disaster after four players who participated at the event tested positive for the coronavirus.

There wasn't too much social distancing at the Adria Tour as the crowds in Belgrade and Zadar were packed out, while players shook hands, hugged and played contact sports together such as football and basketball -- and the price was paid.

But the Adria Tour organizers insisted they didn't breach any of the rules as they "strictly followed" the safety measures issued by the governments In Serbia and Croatia. "It was a big mistake on everyone's part. I don't think the culprit is just Djokovic.

The government that left it, the people trusted the organization, that everything would be fine, and they trusted the government. Everyone trusts everyone, and in times like these, everyone has to be consistent and know what can and cannot be done, and not be carried away by the desire one has to go out, when one is putting in danger one's health, infect someone and put someone else's health at risk," Jarry told Septimo Game.

Jarry back to work

Jarry, ranked at No. 89 in the world, is happy to return to the practice with his coach Dante Bottini. "I have been in the United States for three weeks now, I am really glad that I came. It was a very good move, being able to train again, to train well, with two or three hours a day, also doing physical, has been very rich.

Being able to be with Dante again and work, something that makes me very good at the head, so as not to be stagnant, which is the feeling that quarantining gives you," Jarry said. "It was very good, at first you don't feel the ball at all, you are slow, uncoordinated, but as the days go by you feel better. The humidity here is very hard, last week I think they were 38°."

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