'Nobody died at Novak Djokovic's tournament', says Serbian doctor

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'Nobody died at Novak Djokovic's tournament', says Serbian doctor

Novak Djokovic was overwhelmed by countless criticisms from players, tennis experts and fans for the way the Adria Tour was organized, regardless of the rules on social distancing in the midst of a global pandemic. The World number 1 has also received some support, especially from his compatriots.

The last in chronological order to marry his cause was the pulmonologist Branimir Nestorovic. Djokovic himself tested positive for Coronavirus at the end of the second stage of Zadar, joining Grigor Dimitrov, Viktor Troicki, Borna Coric and his coach Goran Ivanisevic.

Nestorovic, who is very attached to the 17-time Grand Slam champion, defended him with arguments intended to spark further controversy.

Nestorovic on Novak Djokovic

"He brought all those people to Belgrade," Branimir Nestorovic said.

"The tournament is not a mistake; whether they made a mistake with the party, we can already discuss that. Nobody can forbid me to have an affair with an HIV + woman and get infected," Nestorovic added. "Everyone has the right to be infected, and it was difficult to be a champion if you are a Serb.

Nobody died at Novak Djokovic's tournament. A couple of them got infected, and that’s it, they weren’t even seriously ill. He was attacked, it was already for psychiatry. Now tennis players are defending him," Nestorovic stated.

"A tennis player's career does not go if he sits in bunkers and does not train. Novak is a wonderful man and a great lover of people. Dino Radja said everything nicely (about him)" - he concluded. Last week, Nole and his wife Jelena announced that they had tested negative for a new Coronavirus test.

The Serbian champion did not experience any symptoms during the 10 days of isolation, but in the coming months it will have several problems to solve. His role as president of the board of players seems at risk, as Djokovic no longer enjoys the trust of many of his colleagues.

The path taken by the Serbian seems to be that of silence, waiting for the storm to subside with the passage of time. Now, it has emerged that Djokovic has been targeted in a disgusting attack in the Croatian capital, Split.

Vandals have hit out in anger at Djokovic, spraying sickening messages on walls around the city, threatening the life of the World No.1. According to RT.com the translation reads: “Djokovic, die. Our wish is that you die. Greetings from Split. Die."