Dzumhur: Having Djokovic would have been big thing for Sarajevo and Bosnian tennis

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Dzumhur: Having Djokovic would have been big thing for Sarajevo and Bosnian tennis

Bosnian tennis star Damir Dzumhur was disappointed after the Adria Tour event got cancelled due to the coronavirus concerns as he couldn't wait to bring world No. 1 Novak Djokovic to his home town Sarajevo. Dzumhur, a three-time ATP champion, was scheduled to play an exhibition match against Djokovic on July 5 and the match would mark the end of the inaugural Adria Tour.

But after four players tested positive for the coronavirus, the final of the Adria Tour event in Zadar got canceled and soon the rest of the event also got called off. Djokovic, a 17-time Grand Slam champion and the founder of the Adria Tour, was one of the four Adria Tour participants that tested positive for the coronavirus.

"I'm sorry that the Adria Tour was not organized in Sarajevo, unfortunately, the coronavirus entered this tournament and it was inevitable to postpone it. I had a great desire, as did Novak, we are still in contact and I am sure that soon and if there is an opportunity and time, Novak will suggest something similar again.

This was an ideal opportunity, but it's a pity that it didn't happen in the end, certainly it would have been a big thing for Sarajevo and Bosnian tennis, but it didn't happen," Dzumhur told reporters in Sarajevo, as quoted on Klix.

Dzumhur says there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the US Open

Dzumhur, a former world No. 23, says he would love to return to Belgrade and continue competing at the Eastern European Championship -- where he has won each of his three matches played -- but he admits that may not be possible due to the current circumstances in the city.

Dzumhur has also shared some of his thoughts regarding the season resumption as he suggests players aren't really interested in playing the US Open and that he will likely focus on tournaments in Europe. "I would like to return to Belgrade and play tournaments again, but I don't know if that will be possible due to the circumstances that are happening in that city, especially with the spread of the coronavirus infection.

We all love to play matches and there is no doubt that it would be a great overture before the US Open, but I don’t even know if it will happen. They are trying everything they can to stage the event, they don't have insurance like Wimbledon and a lot of money is at stake, but the problem is the players because a lot of them don't want to go to America and play under the conditions that are offered.

A large number of players cannot travel, all sports have started, and tennis is in the most difficult position, it is more realistic for me to play on clay in Europe than in America, but we are all waiting and we will see what will happen," Dzumhur said.