Pino Nature Hotel staff: Novak Djokovic is a simple man, he wasn't too demanding

Djokovic stayed at Pino Hotel during his stay in Bosnia.

by Dzevad Mesic
Pino Nature Hotel staff: Novak Djokovic is a simple man, he wasn't too demanding

Pino Nature Hotel staff was absolutely impressed with world No. 1 Novak Djokovic as they said the Serb was extremely polite and he treated everyone with great respect during his stay at the hotel. On Monday, Djokovic and his family arrived to a popular tourism spot in Bosnia, Trebevic Mountain, where they stayed until Wednesday.

On Monday and Tuesday, Serbian tennis superstar Djokovic was spotted in Visoko, where he was exploring around the Bosnian Pyramid Of The Sun. In his final day of his trip to Bosnia, Djokovic visited Jahorina mountain, where he was gifted with 400 square meters of land.

When the Djokovic family arrived to Pino Hotel on Monday, the world No. 1 greeted everyone at the hotel with a simple: "Hello, I'm Novak." "Novak was wonderful to everyone from the beginning, he always talked with a smile and never -- although we were aware of it -- could one get the impression that he was a world figure and one of the most famous athletes of today.

He was not too demanding and it was a great honor to work with such a professional in such a simple way," Pino Nature Hotel staff exclusively told Klix.

'It was easy to meet Djokovic's demands'

17-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic has a specific diet but Pino Nature Hotel staff absolutely had no problems in preparing meals for the world No.

1. Pino Nature Hotel staff once again underlined that Djokovic was extremely simple during his visit and that it was an honor to host such a popular figure. "We knew that he was a professional athlete and a man who has his own diet, but in agreement with him we realized that he was not too demanding in that regard and it was very easy to meet his demandings.

He is, as our colleagues pointed out, a very simple and normal man, he showed maximum respect for everyone and we were really honored to host such a figure," the staff added. Djokovic hoped he would come to the capital city of Bosnia, Sarajevo, earlier this month but unfortunately his plans fell off after the rest of the Adria Tour was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

On July 5, Djokovic was scheduled to clash against Bosnian tennis star Damir Dzumhur in an exhibition match in Sarajevo. Puno Nature Hotel staff also revealed that Djokovic booked three rooms and all of his rooms were left clean and in perfect shape.

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