Dusan Vemic: Mentally, Brandon Nakashima is almost at Novak Djokovic's level

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Dusan Vemic: Mentally, Brandon Nakashima is almost at Novak Djokovic's level

Former Serbian tennis player Dusan Vemic insists rising American star Brandon Nakashima is a great talent on the court but also a good guy to work off the court. Vemic, who retired from professional tennis in 2011, worked briefly with world No.

1 Novak Djokovic several years ago. "The cooperation came on a recommendation - his parents contacted me, after which we agreed," Vemic told Sport Klub. "In this year in which nothing is certain, I managed to make a good agreement, which makes sense to me.

He is a phenomenal boy - he is hardworking, talented and learns quickly. He was the third junior in the world. From last fall, when he was around the 950th place in the world, until the spring, until everything stopped in March, he reached the 220th place.

He also won an ATP match, a wild card for Delray Beach. In addition, he defeated two rivals and only lost to Nishioka in the quarterfinals. We started cooperation in May, Pat Cash has been in the team for about twenty weeks, and my contract is for the whole year, which means that I am constantly with him."

Vemic sees similarities between Nakashima and Djokovic

Nakashima may be only 18 years old but Vemic thinks that mentally his pupil is close to 17-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic. "I would say that his mental strength is his greatest weapon, mentally it is almost at Novak's level, and that intrigued me from the beginning.

We know this is the hardest to train. If you have that talent, then everything else is much easier. At the same time, he is very diligent and can be on the field as long as necessary, which is another plus. That mental strength will help him to play big when needed," Vemic insisted.

Vemic believes time will prove that Nakashima is a great talent. "By calmness and concentration in important moments (he reminds me of Novak). Although it may be too early to judge after only two months, it seemed to me that I had enough experience to recognize that quality in a person.

Time and results will show if I am right. There are no official ATP tournaments yet, but he has participated in exhibition matches. In situations where a person should feel a little pressure, he solved it all nicely and played like he plays in training," Vemic added.