'People cannot understand how quickly Novak Djokovic...', says his former coach

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'People cannot understand how quickly Novak Djokovic...', says his former coach

The collaboration between Novak Djokovic and Marian Vajda is undoubtedly one of the most profitable in the history of tennis, although the two had decided to part ways at the worst moment of the Serbian career. The World number 1 has been using the advice of his historic coach for almost 15 years, but he has also occasionally hired some interesting figures to join his team, including former player Dusan Vemic.

Recently, the 17-time Grand Slam champion ended up in the eye of the hurricane for organizing the Adria Tour without paying any attention to the rules on social distancing. Djokovic himself tested positive with his wife Jelena, which prompted numerous colleagues and insiders to request his removal from his role as president of the Players Council.

During a long interview, Vemic paid deep praise to the Belgrade phenomenon.

Vemic on Novak Djokovic

“Novak Djokovic as we all know, is an athlete and tennis player who is not born everyday. He receives everything he is told in the best possible way and immediately optimizes it.

One cannot understand how quickly he processes all the information" - Dusan Vemic said. “After everything that happened he can only be stronger, smarter and better. Whenever the tournaments start, he already has four months of training healthy, he is rested physically and mentally.

He spent time with his family, everything is currently in balance. Knowing him, he needs a few matches and he will be at his highest level" - he added. Novak Djokovic delivered two Australian Opens and one US Open while Vemic was part of his team.

“It’s a very dear part of my life, it’s my second coaching job. The time, moments and tournaments we spent together were wonderful. I was completely focused on doing my best to help him and the Djokovic team to the maximum”.

Vajda is currently once again the head coach of the World No. 1, and Vemic had nothing but praise for the Slovak: “He is a great person, a fantastic coach with a lot of experience, calm and composed. He is always collected and concentrated on the basics of tennis”.

Novak Djokovic is yet to commit to the US Open, but has been pictured practising on hard courts, which hints that he expects to play in New York. Djokovic also apologised for the same while announcing that he and his wife had tested positive for the disease that has brought almost all professional sport to a standstill in most parts of the world at various points of the year.