Novak Djokovic pays homage to victims after tragic Beirut explosion

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Novak Djokovic pays homage to victims after tragic Beirut explosion

After over one hundred people were killed by the blast that shook the world and made countless victims, Novak Djokovic expressed his heartfelt regrets on various social media platforms. The Serbian tennis player is the first big name of the tennis world to address the tragic incident that occurred in Lebanon’s capital.

This act of solidarity follows another love gesture made by the Serbian, who ensured a special flight to the United States for Sofija Markuljevic, a one-year-old Serbian little girl suffering from serious chronic illness – Werdnig-Hoffman disease, a form of spinal muscular atrophy.

The costs of treating such a condition exceed $2 million and, of course, are mostly available in the United States. The girl's family, however, certainly does not have such sums and it is precisely here that the number one in the world Nole Djokovic intervened together with the Serbian businessman Miodrag Kostic, putting together the sufficient amount of money to ensure treatment of the disease.

Sofija’s family thanked Novak for his good deed. In the meantime, more and more victims are announced by the authorities in Beirut, where the death toll keeps adding up.

The cause of the Beirut explosion is still uncertain

Over 130 people were killed and over 5000 were injured by the blast that left the whole world shocked after footage from different zones of Lebanon’s capital emerged across social media and the biggest news agencies.

The latest footage has a bride posing for a photoshoot only until the blast kicks in. The cause of the explosion is still being investigated, but Lebanon's prime minister said an investigation would focus on an estimated 2,750 metric tons of the explosive ammonium nitrate stored at a warehouse.

Nevertheless, Hassan Diab promised to punish the guilty ones behind the disaster. "What happened today will not pass without accountability. Those responsible for this catastrophe will pay the price,” said the Lebanese prime-minister.

Lebanese general security chief Abbas Ibrahim said the blasts may have been caused by explosive materials confiscated years ago and stored at the city's port, as reported by RFI. "We heard an explosion, then we saw the mushroom," said one resident who witnessed the second explosion from her balcony in the city's Mansourieh district.

"The force of the blast threw us backwards into the apartment," she added. The situation about the cause of the explosion is prone to get clearer in the days to come.