'The treatment that Novak Djokovic is receiving by media...', says former legend

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'The treatment that Novak Djokovic is receiving by media...', says former legend

The exclusion from the Cincinnati tournament of two players - Guido Pella and Hugo Dellien - after having been in contact with a coach who had a positive result at Covid does not go down to World number 1 Novak Djokovic. The decision of the USTA was criticized by Djokovic, who arrived in New York in recent days to participate in the USA Open and after a summer of controversy after the tournament he organized, the Adria Tour, provoked a series of positivity, including his own and that of his family.

Pella and Dellien, on the draw in the Cincinnati tournament transferred due to Covid on the New York field of Flushing Meadows, had been in "close and prolonged contact" with their physical trainer Juan Manuel Galvan, who tested positive at Covid-19 last Monday.

But Djokovic, and later Murray too, denounced a lack of clarity in the health protocol. Ever since the Adria Tour debacle happened people have hammered Novak Djokovic for his role in the tournament. And now former doubles World No.1 from the 80s, Paul McNamee called out the western media.

He is upset with Djokovic’s treatment in the pre-US Open press conferences and interviews.

McNamee on Novak Djokovic

“The treatment that Novak Djokovic is receiving by many in the Anglo Saxon media pre US Open reminds me so much of what Monica Seles had to deal with at Wimbledon 1992… hellbent on dragging him down as they did Monica…shameful agenda”.

Paul McNamee tweeted. Novak Djokovic has angrily denied accusations that he only decided to play the US Open because Rafael Nadal pulled out. “I did not make my decision because Rafa pulled out, if that’s what people want to hear,” Novak Djokovic told reporters.

“I made my decision already months ago to come to US Open and play here because I really wanted to restart on a hard court where I feel the most comfortable. That’s the surface that I have the most success on. I love playing in the US Open.

So I did make my call to come, but I wasn’t 100% sure whether that’s going to happen or not until certain points were defined and clarified before coming here, which was the special exemption, coming without quarantine back to Europe and so forth.

I was obviously close to not coming, honestly, until probably a week before I landed in New York. I didn’t know whether I’m going to be playing or not because things were so unpredictable. I mean, there were so many different points that were discussed."