Alexander Zverev: Novak Djokovic news shocked us all

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Alexander Zverev: Novak Djokovic news shocked us all

World No. 7 Alexander Zverev thinks the US Open draw is now fully open and every of the remaining players can win it all. Zverev, seeded at No. 5, beat Croatian tennis star Borna Coric 1-6 7-6 (5) 7-6 (1) 6-3 to set up a semifinal against Pablo Carreno Busta.

"Yeah, to the first question, I think there is a lot of guys with big chances. I'm in the semifinals, so I'm one of those four guys that will be remaining after tomorrow's last match," Zverev said. "So I think everybody has a chance.

I still think that I can play better than I played today, which only gives me confidence because I'm in the semifinals and I still feel like I can improve. "And then to your second question, yeah, I mean, I would love to visit it again.

We were supposed to in March but then everything got canceled due to Corona. You'd have to ask Roger, but I'd love to visit the country again."

Zverev says the Novak Djokovic news shocked everyone

When asked about what improvements did he make in his game in recent months, Zverev said: "Yeah, I mean, I have just made back-to-back semis and I'm still in the tournament, so I'm not done yet.

I still hope I can make it to the finals and then we'll see. "Yeah, definitely I got more experience and maybe a little bit more calmer in Grand Slams than I have been in the past. "But, yeah, it's the toughest level in our sport, and I feel you have to play at your best, to be at your best to have a chance.

I'm in the semifinals, but like I said, I feel like I can still improve a few more things and that only gives me confidence." No. 1 seed Djokovic was defaulted from his round-of-16 match after hitting the lines women.

"I mean, look, obviously, yeah, I didn't play well. It's no secret about it. I was down 6-1, 4-2 after about 28 minutes. It's not a secret I didn't play my best. But I found a way, found a way to win that second set, and I feel like that's the most important," Zverev added.

"I think the Novak news shocked us all, and obviously for us younger guys, we see that as a massive opportunity, but we have to put our head down and just do our job and focus on ourselves."