Daniela Hantuchova hopes 'there is a lesson to be learned' for Novak Djokovic

Tennis - Hantuchova is a former World No. 5 and a tennis analyst for Amazon Prime

by Prakash
Daniela Hantuchova hopes 'there is a lesson to be learned' for Novak Djokovic

The disqualification of World No. 1 Novak Djokovic from the US Open on Sunday was not the first time in recent months that the Serbian champion has come under criticism. Over the past few months, the Serb came under fire for organising the Adria Tour exhibition series where several players got infected with the coronavirus, his views on vaccines also drew a lot of flak and more recently, due to his move to launch a new players association on the eve of the US Open - that initiative got the support of more than 60 players, but has not been backed several leading names in the tennis world including Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Now, former World No. 5 Daniela Hantuchova, who is known to be a good friend of the Djokovic family, has given her insights into the Serbian tennis champion and his US Open default.

Daniela Hantuchova says Novak Djokovic has the right intentions but the wrong timing

37 year old Hantuchova, a tennis analyst for Amazon Prime, says, "It feels like sometimes the anger comes out of control.

I care so much about him and respect everything he is doing for our game, but I just hope there is a lesson to be learned, even if this one came at the worst possible time, where pretty much the only thing standing between him and an 18th grand slam title was himself, with all my respect to the other players”.

The Slovak, a winner of 7 WTA titles in singles as well as 4 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles in her career, said that Djokovic does have good intentions when it comes to helping people and his fellow players, but is not able to get the timing right for his efforts.

"So many times he has the right intentions, it’s just with the timing he’s not getting it right, like the Adria Tour. There’s no problem with running an exhibition tour like that, just not when the whole world stops.

Same with the ATP stuff. Sure things need to change, but not right now”. Novak Djokovic is scheduled to play the Italian Open Masters event next week in Rome and the French Open in Paris at the end of this month. He will be aiming to win his 18th Grand Slam singles title at the French Open, where his long-time rival Rafael Nadal is also scheduled to play.

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