'Why did Djokovic get into that situation? Part of the merit...', says top coach

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'Why did Djokovic get into that situation? Part of the merit...', says top coach

Novak Djokovic pays a very high price for the shot that excluded him from the US Open 2020. The Serbian, disqualified for hitting a line judge with a ball, was in fact fined by the organizers of the American Slam of 10 thousand dollars for "unsportsmanlike conduct"

The economic loss of $ 250,000 in prize money, required by the organizers in case of disqualification, is much heavier. The ball thrown that hit the line judge, therefore, cost Nole a good 260 thousand dollars. However, crumbs remain for a player who has earned almost 144 million dollars in his career, of which more than four and a half has been collected in 2020.

Djokovic is expected on 14th September at the Internazionali d'Italia in Rome. Speaking to Eurosport, Pablo Carreno Busta's coach Samuel Lopez spoke about the role of his protege's 'high level' in Novak Djokovic's default.

Lopez also insisted that despite the rule of law being clear, the incident was 'very bad luck.'

Lopez on Novak Djokovic's disqualification

"On Novak Djokovic's day (match) there was a lot of talk about the expulsion and very little about how Pablo Carreno Busta was playing," said Samuel Lopez.

"Why did Novak get into that situation? Part of the merit, beyond the stories and consequences, came for the high level that Pablo was giving. After losing those three break points and then losing his serve, Novak became very nervous.

Perhaps that should have been discussed a bit more," he added. "It was very bad luck, I don't wish it on anyone. Novak Djokovic had a moment of tension, of nerves, but it was bad luck. Throw that ball and have it hit the linesman ...

most of the eliminations in history were never intended. There was a moment of lack of control and it happened to him, we stayed with the level we reached during the game," asserted Lopez. "When the game ended, we were ahead," Lopez said.

"The level is there, the mentality and the head can with everything. We will never know what would have happened; what we do know is that that game was won by Pablo. In whatever circumstances, but it counts as Pablo's victory.

In a quarterfinal of the US Open you have to be there until the end. He has impressive tennis moments, he has shots that are nice to see on a court, but we had to pull the job, hard work," Lopez said about the quarterfinal. "The big difference is that Pablo dared and went for Denis when he had a choice."