Nick Kyrgios on Novak Djokovic: We don't like him but he brings some crowds

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Nick Kyrgios on Novak Djokovic: We don't like him but he brings some crowds

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios split with WTA star Anna Kalinskaya several months ago but now he is in a happy relationship with Chiara Passari. "You got it right this time,' Kyrgios told Karl Stefanovic on The Today Show, as quoted on The Daily Mail.

"She has been good. I know she's probably watching this at the moment. She has ticked it off. Thanks Karl, you're a good mate of mine now. You're back in my good books. 'I'm very lucky."

Kyrgios gives recognition to Novak Djokovic

It's a well-known thing that Kyrgios isn't the biggest fan of Djokovic but he gave recognition to the world No.

1 as he said the Serb brings the crowd. "I mean, we don't like him, but he brings some crowds," Kyrgios said of Djokovic. Kyrgios also reflected on the Pablo Carreno Busta beef as he thought the Spaniard's response was "ridiculous."

"If clay didn’t exist. Dude wouldn’t of even been close to top 50”. Kyrgios said in a since deleted tweet during the US Open. Eventual US Open semifinalist Carreno Busta responded: "He must be pretty bored...

when he comes back to tournaments, we will talk about him because he deserves it and in the meantime, well nothing, he will continue to tweet from home" Speaking of the beef, Kyrgios said: "We threw some comments at each other and he almost said 'You must be a little bored at home', and I was like 'I would be playing in the US Open if I felt comfortable.

"I thought it was a ridiculous comment by him. I whipped out the times I played him before and he hasn't beaten me before and he hasn't beaten me before. "Let's face it, Pablo, he is no Picasso."

Kyrgios also said the Australian Open organizers are doing everything they can to proceed with the event in 2021. "I know so much work is being done behind the scenes to get it right and ensure it happens in Melbourne," Kyrgios claimed.

"Fingers crossed things get better in Melbourne and they are able to figure out a way to quarantine international players coming from overseas and having crowds would be awesome as well. "It's not a bad idea for some of the big guys to feel more comfortable.

Obviously they are the guys that draw the crowd. "I know pretty much every tennis player I talk to loves playing Australian Open, they love Melbourne, so I guess we have got to go all out trying to get these people in play in the Australian Open. "At this stage we have to try and get on top of it first."