Damir Dzumhur could sue French Open, says Novak Djokovic reached out to help

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Damir Dzumhur could sue French Open, says Novak Djokovic reached out to help

Top-ranked Bosnian tennis player Damir Dzumhur explained in details to Bosnian media why he was removed from the French Open as he will sue the tournament organizers if it turns out his coach's positive coronavirus test was false as they suspect.

Just before the start of the French Open qualifying, coach Petar Popovic tested positive for the coronavirus -- and although Dzumhur himself tested negative and he and his coach tried to explain that the coach has antibodies -- the French Open organizers wouldn't listen.

"Yesterday, unfortunately, the worst thing that could have happened to me happened, and that is that I do not have the right to perform at Roland Garros. I have already said what happened, and now I will try to explain it a little more further and what the whole situation is like.

Of course, my coach and I have traveled and been together since the beginning of all these tournaments, we have done between 15 and 20 tests in the past month and they have all been negative. We had two tests in Rome, we were also negative in the first test in Paris, and then we did the second test on Saturday and, although I was negative, the coach got a call on Sunday and they explained to him that his test was on the verge of being positive.

It was said that additional tests would be performed, he immediately showed them that he had antibodies, that is, that he had contracted the coronavirus and that he did not see a way in which it could be positive," Dzumhur said, per Klix.

Dzumhur could seek justice legally

"My test was negative, he was waiting for a decision and around 4pm he was told it was positive. Although he tried to explain that people who have antibodies can have a false positive test, we unfortunately didn't get a chance to do another test and we we are sure that he would show that he is negative.

They wouldn't listen and around 4pm they called me to say I was being removed from the tournament because of a close contact with him. This news shook me because this tournament is one of my favorites and I had some great matches in it, this is one of the most important tournaments of the year for me and it hurts me the most that I don't have a chance to make any result," Dzumhur added.

Dzumhur was left absolutely disappointed by the way the organizers handled the situation. "Now I feel the need that, if the coach turns out to be negative, we need to seek justice and have it served. It is not something that will fully satisfy us because we were really broken because of that decision, but we hope that we will somehow and in some way satisfy justice and a very, very important thing and what we can not accept, is the fact that the coach didn't get a chance to be tested a second time," Dzumhur said.

Dzumhur also said world No. 1 Novak Djokovic reached out to him to offer his help and also added that his coach asked the tournament organizers what would happen if he was the coach of Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer, would the treatment still be the same.