Petar Popovic: This can happen to Novak Djokovic and all players who have antibodies

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Petar Popovic: This can happen to Novak Djokovic and all players who have antibodies

Coach Petar Popovic once again confirmed he had antibodies and his coronavirus test at Roland Garros was false positive and now Damir Dzumhur will sue the French Open at the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport). Last Sunday, three-time ATP champion Dzumhur was removed from the French Open after his coach Popovic reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus.

The following day, Popovic was tested in Belgrade and his test returned as negative. "I was positive, I have antibodies," Popovic told Sport Klub. "I was tested about twenty times in America, Serbia, Italy, even the first test in France was negative.

The second one was at the border. That's why Dr. Montalvan and Pascal Maria called me, whose phone rang during the meeting. he said we were on the edge, not sure about the test. "I told them I had antibodies, which they didn’t know.

He said that explains a lot and that, as far as he is concerned as a doctor, he would leave me in the tournament and of course Dzumhur, because I am not infectious. He revealed to me that he and other doctors advocated that people with antibodies don't get tested at Roland Garros.

Popovic blasts the French Open organizers

Coach Popovic claims the French Open organizers have done a poor job of organizing the event but they are enforcing strong measures on players so it looks they are serious about all the safety protocols.

"In the hotel where we were supposed to be, there were also ordinary guests, flight attendants and pilots from a Japanese company, who shared the elevator and all the rooms with us. In the gym where we trained, there were hotel guests who were not tested.

Even people who were not guests came. They wanted to disguise the desperate organization with draconian measures," Popovic claimed. Several players, including world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, recovered from the coronavirus and Popovic doesn't want Djokovic or anyone else to be unfairly kicked out from a tournament.

"To solve all this, for the sake of us and other players, so that the innocent would not be thrown out of the tournament. To know that they can't do anything with us. That is why we are initiating proceedings in Switzerland in the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

I hope that we will improve the situation for others, because this can happen to Djokovic who has antibodies, Coric, Dimitrov ... And many others," Popovic concluded.