Novak Djokovic 'proud' after tying Roger Federer on all-time French Open wins list

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Novak Djokovic 'proud' after tying Roger Federer on all-time French Open wins list

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic was happy after achieving a milestone at the French Open and tying Roger Federer on the all-time list for most wins at Roland Garros. Djokovic, who saw off Lithuanian Ricardas Berankis in straight sets to make the French Open third round, now has 70 wins at Roland Garros.

Rafael Nadal, a record 12-time French Open champion, owns a record 95 wins at Roland Garros. "Grand Slams are obviously the biggest tournaments in our sport. Historically, they count the most. So of course winning that many matches [at] each Slam is a great achievement," Djokovic said, per the ATP website.

"Of course it makes me proud, makes me happy." Djokovic plays next against world No. 153 Daniel Elahi Galan Riveros. "I don't know much about him, to be honest. I have never seen him play, so I'll have to obviously look at his matches, the videos, and try to prepare myself with my team," Djokovic said of his next opponent.

"It's always dangerous facing opponents you never faced before."

Djokovic agrees with Nadal on underarm serve

"I saw what Nadal said about it, and I agree 100% with him. So I don't want to repeat his statement.

If you see his statement, I agree every word he said," Djokovic said, per Jose Morgado. A day earlier, Nadal was asked to give his thoughts on underarm serve. "No, if he is winning, is a good tactic. If he's losing, is a bad tactic.

That's all," Nadal said when asked if an underarm serve is a good tactic or a disrespect, per Jannik Schneider. "For example today for Mackenzie was not a good tactic. For Bublik, if that works, is a good tactic.

"Is part of the game. I don't see it (as) disrespectful or not. If you do this with the goal to win the point and to do it... Is always the same. If you do it with the goal to improve your game, or like a tactical thing, I support 100 prevent.

If you do to disrespect the opponent, (it) is not a good thing. "Everybody knows internally if you are doing (it) in a good way or in a bad way. For me is no discussion about that. Is part of the rules, you can do it 100 percent. Is about yourself, if you feel good doing it or not. Depends."