Karen Khachanov reveals his game plan for Novak Djokovic clash

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Karen Khachanov reveals his game plan for Novak Djokovic clash

World No. 16 Karen Khachanov will try to "stay steady" and believe in himself when he faces world No. 1 Novak Djokovic in the French Open round-of-16. Khachanov, who handed a four-set loss to Cristian Garin on Saturday, is set for a fifth meeting against Djokovic.

The Russian will be aiming to claim his second win over Djokovic when they meet at Roland Garros. "Against Novak, I will] try to be steady, to try to maintain the level that we will play [for the] most time possible… [I will] keep pushing to try to break the guy if something is going wrong on [my] serve,” Khachanov said, per the ATP website.

“You don't have to be surprised if you lose a few games even if you serve hard or not. A lot of balls are coming back, especially in the current situation. I think the most important thing for me [is] to stay steady, to believe in myself, to believe in the game that I'm playing.

At the end of the day, [I need] to enjoy it. [I am] looking forward to a good match”.

Khachanov says he has nothing personal against Nick Kyrgios

After Kyrgios bashed Mats Wilander over his comments on Andy Murray, Khachanov reacted -- and what seemed like a friendly conversation -- turned real ugly.

"Nothing personal against Nick. Andy deserves all my respect, I didn't want to argue with Nick, just wanted to tell him to show more respect to [Mats]. That's the way I was educated," Khachanov said, per Jose Morgado.

"Just read what Wilander said about @andy_murray .... shut up Mats, no one cares. Muzz, just know that how ever long you stay, we all appreciate and enjoy your tennis and banter. Also I’ve never watched a point of Mats Wilander," Kyrgios said in a Tweet, to which Khachanov reacted: "Nick,come on mate..it’s too much..show some respect."

Kyrgios then said: "Nah I’m good dude. Muzz and I respect eachother, and if someone starts talking about one of mine then I’ll come at them. I’m supposed to respect Mats? For what? Hitting a ball over the net? I don’t give my respect for that."

Khachanov then advised Kyrgios to stop criticizing tennis personalities. "Bro it’s your call.I really think you are a good lad and I don’t have any problem with you.But once you are sitting at home and writing different comments about players that makes me think who has the real problem," Khachanov said.

Then it turned ugly as Kyrgios said: "So you think what the players did during this pandemic was smart? I’d love to have an intellectual conversation with you but I’m not sure it would go further than how hard you could hit a ball.

I’ve simply been holding people accountable." Khachanov hit back, saying: "And next time before talking about my intellect read at least a few books , instead or playing video games whole day long."

Kyrgios responded, calling Khachanov an "absolute pelican." "I’ve also been feeding the hungry, helping open up new facilities for kids to get active. But way to do your research you absolute pelican," Kyrgios said.