Novak Djokovic makes unexpected visit to Visoko day after losing French Open final

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Novak Djokovic makes unexpected visit to Visoko day after losing French Open final

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic made an unexpected visit to Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, just a day after losing to the French Open final, per Sport 1 Oslobodjenje. Djokovic, who tested positive for the coronavirus in late-June, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in July after recovering from the virus.

One of the stops Djokovic made during his trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina was Visoko, where he visited the Bosnian Pyramid Of The Sun. On Sunday, Djokovic suffered a disappointing French Open final loss as world No. 1 Rafael Nadal claimed a dominant 6-0 6-2 7-5 win.

Nadal now owns a record of 13 French Open titles and he has tied Roger Federer on the all-time Grand Slam record list with 20 Majors. "He keeps going. No holding him back it seems like. It’s amazing. I mean, I admire all his achievements, I mean, especially the one here.

It’s stunning score and results and records that he’s got on this court," Djokovic said in his press conference, per Max Gao. "He lost two times in his entire career [here]. Winning 13 times, yeah, there’s not much you can say.

All the superlatives you can use, he deserves them."

Djokovic had no answer for Nadal's game

After dominating the first two sets, Nadal claimed an early break in the third set but Djokovic broke back in the sixth game.

Djokovic hoped that would be the spark he needed to turn the things around but Nadal kept his focus and got the job done in straight sets. “I wanted to kind of disrupt his rhythm, obviously. But he was ready. He was there, he was prepared.

He was playing all the right shots today. It’s just one of these days where you have to just say, Chapeau, and well done”. "I was also thinking that these conditions are more favorable to me. I was feeling great throughout the tournament playing.

[…] But, yeah, I mean, Rafa has proven everybody wrong. That’s why he’s a great champion. He just played a fantastic match today. "I was probably rushing a bit much, trying to play shorter points, probably go for winners.

I probably wasn’t constructing the points well. That reflected on the result. But that was also caused by [Rafael Nadal], by his amazing defence. "[Rafael Nadal] was getting a lot of balls back. Normally all the shots that I play after two, three quick exchanges from the back of the court, when I hit it against nine out of ten guys, it’s a winner, the point is done. But not against him.