Marian Vajda hopes to coach Novak Djokovic until the Serb 'breaks all the records'

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Marian Vajda hopes to coach Novak Djokovic until the Serb 'breaks all the records'

Coach Marian Vajda hopes he will be coaching world No. 1 Novak Djokovic until the Serb breaks all the records. Djokovic, a 17-time Grand Slam champion, is aiming to break the all-time Grand Slam record and also reach the historic world No.

1. "I hope until he breaks all the records," Vajda told Novosti. "Let's start by winning more than 20 Grand Slams together!" Vajda has been with Djokovic since the beginning of the Serb's career and the two have had an extremely successful partnership.

When asked what's the secret to success between him and Djokovic, Vajda explained: "Long relationship! If you have such a long friendship with him as I have, for so many years, then you will succeed! We are like a family.

And the magic word is - compromise. There always has to be (a compromise). There are no other secrets. At the beginning, when I was a very young coach, it was not easy with Novak. Both he and his family wanted to be the best in the world.

So, I had to be an extremely good coach in order to fulfill his and his family's dreams. I was focused from day one and I was not allowed to make mistakes. And, I don’t seem to have made a lot of them! In time, I became not only a coach, but also a good friend."

Djokovic has a tough task

Last Sunday, Djokovic was beaten by world No. 2 Rafael Nadal in the French Open final. Nadal, who claimed his record 13th French Open title, also won his 20th Grand Slam title and equaled Roger Federer on the all-time Grand Slam record list.

"I have always had the utmost respect for my friend Rafa as a person and as a champion. As my greatest rival over many years, I believe we have pushed each other to become better players,” Federer wrote on Twitter.

“Therefore, it is a true honour for me to congratulate him on his 20th Grand Slam victory. It is especially amazing that he has now won Roland Garros an incredible 13 times, which is one of the greatest achievements in sport,” Federer wrote.

“I also congratulate his team, because nobody can do this alone. I hope 20 is just another step on the continuing journey for both of us. Well done, Rafa. You deserve it”. Djokovic is the third on the all-time Grand Slam record list with 17 Grand Slams.