Greg Rusedski: Novak Djokovic is driven by negativity he gets

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Greg Rusedski: Novak Djokovic is driven by negativity he gets

Former British No. 1 Greg Rusedski thinks that the hate and negativity world No. 1 Novak Djokovic sometimes gets fuels him and drives him. It's not a secret that Djokovic isn't as popular as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer and it became apparent when the Serb started receiving lots of criticism a few months ago after several players tested positive for the coronavirus at the Adria Tour.

"I think the negativity that he sometimes gets just drives him,” Amazon Prime Sport analyst Rusedski told Tennis365. Djokovic's Adria Tour was a charity event, the Serb invested a lot of money from his pocket to make it possible and he had no financial gain from it.

"Novak is the kind of character who is not afraid to speak out on controversial matters to say what he feels. When the crowd are against him, he tries to use that as motivation and we have seen example of it working in his favour”.

Rusedski insists Djokovic didn't intentionally hit the line judge

Djokovic's campaign at the US Open came to an end on a bizzare way as the Serb was disqualified from his round-of-16 match against Spain's Pablo Carreno Busta after hitting the lines women with the ball.

"What happened with Novak at the US Open was an example of how he can get it wrong,” Rusedski noted. “It was just a situation which just wasn’t handled very well unfortunately because he should have just done a press conference, said sorry and moved on.

“We have all done something wrong on court at times and this was just an accident. There was no malice, no intent to hit the line judge and it was just really bad luck. It was just a fresh thing. “What Novak should have done is hold his hands up, admit he made a mistake and move on, but instead he left the US Open site and then released a message on social media to say he was sorry.

That wasn’t the way he should have done it and if he handled things differently, people who not have given him so much criticism. “He was disappointed, he had lost his chance to challenge for his 18th Grand Slam, but you have to deal with that.

His behaviour that night is not what you expect from the number one player in our sport, whether it’s in tennis or any other sport”.