Alexander Zverev's gives credit to Novak Djokovic after Nitto ATP Finals loss

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Alexander Zverev's gives credit to Novak Djokovic after Nitto ATP Finals loss

German tennis star Alexander Zverev admitted it wasn't easy dealing with Novak Djokovic's serves after losing a key match for him at the Nitto ATP Finals and failing to reach the semifinal. Zverev, ranked at No. 7 in the world, needed to beat Djokovic for a semifinal place but he failed in his attempt as the Serb won 6-3 7-6 (4) to set up a semifinal clash against Dominic Thiem.

"Novak served incredibly well today. I had to go very far back to return his serve. I started to play very well in the 2nd set but credits to him," Zverev said after losing to Djokovic, per Nikolaus Fink. Zverev, who recently claimed back-to-back titles in Cologne, fell just short of winning his maiden Grand Slam title as he blew a two-set lead against Thiem in the US Open final.

"It was a great year but I lost some tough matches," Zverev said. "You could make a film out of my year. I went through more things than in a normal year. [...] My year was very interesting."

Zverev keeps denying Olya Sharypova's allegations

"What else can I say? I have said everything that I can.

You know, it's very unfortunate that these kind of false allegations can put such damage and put the attention away from the sport or towards those, but it's the world we live in right now unfortunately. Yeah, there is nothing more that I can do," Zverev said of the Sharypova allegations after the Djokovic match, per George Bellshaw.

Prior to the Nitto ATP Finals, Zverev said in a statement: "We are all here to play tennis. I'm looking forward to playing but in the last few days the focus has shifted to the off court (stuff). Many people asked me why I kept my mouth shut and didn't say anything.

While I very much regret that these accusations are made, I have to stick to my initial thing of them being untrue and continue to deny them. These accusations are just unfound, untrue. How the relationship is described is not how I was.

It is not who I am, it is not how I was raised by my parents. It is simply not who I am as a person. It makes me sad what impact such accusations can have on the sport and on myself as well. I truly apologize that the focus has shifted away from the sport.

We all love tennis and that's why we are here. I'm looking forward to playing in London for the first time. As I sad I have to keep denying then as they are unfound and untrue."