Novak Djokovic's fans sing and dance under his hotel!

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Novak Djokovic's fans sing and dance under his hotel!

A new surprise has arrived under the hotel where Novak Djokovic is going through the Australian quarantine period. Amid controversy that are inflaming the Australian Open and Nole himself, the Serbian fans have made a new pleasant surprise to their champion.

For an athlete, having the support of the fans has always been essential. For almost a year, however, the world of sport has found itself without the most important part of its very essence: that of supporters. Empty, silent, ghostly stadiums, as if to pass the desire to cheer for a goal or a winner pulled at the intersection of the lines after an exchange of over twenty shots.

The situation seems destined to last, at least for this beginning of 2021, although now our world has an extra weapon to fight this cursed COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the thousand difficulties and restrictions of all kinds, the fans do not give up and try in many ways to make their closeness felt to athletes and teams they love and have followed for a lifetime.

A similar situation is what happened to world number one Novak Djokovic, who was joined by a large group of Serbian fans under the balcony of his room in an Adelaide hotel. The Belgrade tennis player who is going through the mandatory quarantine imposed by the local authorities in the capital of South Australia, has greatly appreciated the gesture of his fans who with songs, music and ballets have snatched more than a smile from Nole.

The Serbian champion did not hold back and immediately he tried his hand at a ballet to thank and share that moment with his supporters. It is not the first such surprise that Djokoivic receives during his quarantine period.

In fact, a few days earlier, two guys wanted to pay homage to the Serbian tennis player by exchanging rackets and balls on the street, just below his balcony. Also in that case Djokovic wanted to thank them with a long applause.

In a not exactly positive period for the reigning Australian Open champion, who was rejected by the head of Tennis Australia, his letter of requests to improve the conditions of his colleagues, to receive the affection and joy of his fans , it will be a way to charge up and find further strength inside to face the first Grand Slam of the year.