Novak Djokovic on Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer: They made tremendous mark in tennis

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Novak Djokovic on Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer: They made tremendous mark in tennis

18-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic gave recognition to Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer after winning it all at the Australian Open. Djokovic, ranked at No. 1 in the world, defeated Daniil Medvedev in straight sets to lift a record ninth Australian Open title.

Following his win at the Australian Open, Djokovic ensured that he would remain world No. 1 and that he will overtake Roger Federer for the most weeks spent as world No. 1 on March 8. Nadal and Federer each have 20 Grand Slam titles in their collection and Djokovic follows at the third with 18 Majors.

"Everyone has their own journey and their own way of making history,” Djokovic said. “They’ve made history already. They made a tremendous mark in our sport. I’m trying to build that and develop that myself in a very unique, authentic way that is suitable to me."

Djokovic aims the all-time Grand Slam record

“(Do) I think about winning more slams and breaking records? Of course, I do. And most of my attention and my energy from this day forward, until I retire from tennis, is going to be directed in majors, trying to win more major trophies," Djokovic said.

Djokovic beat Medvedev to prevent the Russian from winning his maiden Grand Slam title. Dominic Thiem remains the only player under 30 to have a Grand Slam in his collection. "There is a lot of quality in tennis from the younger guys that are coming up.

I was mentioning before they’re very close to start winning major titles more consistently. But Roger, Rafa, myself are still there for a reason. We don’t want to hand it to them and we don’t want to allow them to win slams.

I think that’s something that is very clear. Whether you communicate that message or not, we are definitely sending that vibe out there. I’m sticking to that," Djokovic added.