'Novak Djokovic is 18-0 after the QF stage, which is incredible,' says Vajda

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'Novak Djokovic is 18-0 after the QF stage, which is incredible,' says Vajda

Marian Vajda couldn't travel with Novak Djokovic to Australia, staying at home in Slovakia and speaking regularly with his pupil and the other coach Goran Ivanisevic. Vajda analyzed the previous matches with Goran and Novak and prepared the right tactic for the next one while the Serb dealt with an abdomen injury.

In the end, Djokovic passed all the obstacles to secure the ninth Australian Open crown, beating Aslan Karatsev and Daniil Medvedev in the last two matches to extend his winning streak after the quarter-final round at Melbourne Park to 18-0!

Vajda was thrilled with the way Novak played since that injury against Taylor Fritz in the third round, doing everything right on the court and sticking to their plan to beat all seven rivals and claim the 18th Major title at 33.

"It was amazing. Novak followed the plan that we all made together and didn't give Medvedev a chance. The longer the match lasted, the better he played. Novak is 18-0 at the Australian Open when he passes the quarter-final round, which is incredible.

We were in touch every day. We all sat at the laptop for a video conference with the fitness coach. We analyzed previous matches, forged tactics for new opponents and dealt with his health condition. After the Fritz match, it looked like all sorts of things.

We all have to give credit to Novak for what he achieved despite that injury. I was sad for not being in Melbourne with the guys, but it is hard for the entire planet.

Marian Vajda praised Novak Djokovic after his latest Australian Open triumph.

Goran deserves the honors; he has been preparing for the first title with Novak for so long.

He was stressed, and no wonder he was so happy after the match, as it wasn't easy to stay calm and hide emotions. I was with Novak in Marbella in December. We worked on different elements of his game and tried to make his strokes even more efficient, starting from his serve.

It was a joy to watch all those improvements in the final against Medvedev, who wasn't prepared for that. We have to sit down and think about the calendar. I was worried about reports of injuries that needed treatment. We will reduce the number of tournaments, especially when we think about his health and family. I should be with Novak at Roland Garros in May," Marian Vajda said.