Roger Federer: Novak Djokovic does his best for the players

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Roger Federer: Novak Djokovic does his best for the players

Record 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer gave recognition to world No. 1 Novak Djokovic as he insists the Serb "does his best for the players." Djokovic, an 18-time Grand Slam champion, was the president of the ATP Player Council before he created the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA) last year.

Djokovic's main goal was to help create better opportunities for the players, especially those lower-ranked. Record 20-time Grand Slam champion Federer was invited to join the PTPA but he declined. "He does his best for the players.

It just didn't fit when he was president of the players' association and founded the new organization at the same time. You don't always have to agree. But it is important that you exchange ideas together," Federer said, per Simon Graf.

Federer showed respect for Djokovic

Federer and Rafael Nadal are tied for the most Grand Slams captured, while Djokovic has 18 Majors in his collection. The greatest of all time race is still very on and each player from the Big Three group wants to finish with the all-time Grand Slam record.

"I think it's a great debate to have. What Novak and Rafa have done lately is extraordinary, they're not 25 either, but they seem at the peak. For them I am maybe the measuring stick, like Pete (Sampras) was for me," Federer said, per Sasa Ozmo.

Federer underwent two knee surgeries last year but he hoped to be ready for the beginning of the 2021 season. Unfortunately, Federer wasn't ready to ptlay he Australian Open but now he is set to kick off his season in Doha.

"I was down after the second operation, I questioned everything. Wimbledon was canceled and the pandemic was severe. But I knew whether I was coming back or not - and that was my goal -. I just wanted to get well again," Federer admitted, per Rene Stauffer.