'I was worried that would be it as Novak Djokovic...', says top coach

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'I was worried that would be it as Novak Djokovic...', says top coach

Novak Djokovic's career had its main turning point in 2011, when the Serbian champion won three Grand Slams (Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open) embellished with five Masters 1000 titles. 43 consecutive victories of the Serbian, which was interrupted by Roger Federer in the famous semifinal of Roland Garros.

The Belgrade player has begun to overturn the script of his rivalry with Federer and Rafael Nadal himself, as well as having lost the misery of four games over the entire season. Nole also reached the top position of the ATP ranking after regulating Nadal in the Wimbledon final.

From then on, Djokovic proved to be one of the best players in tennis history, despite countless detractors who still criticize him today. In a long interview reported by Express Sport, his longtime coach Marian Vajda told how worried he was that Novak would relax once his main goals were achieved.

Vajda on Novak Djokovic's 2011 season

"After Novak Djokovic became No. 1 in Wimbledon and his life changed, I was worried that would be it as he’d reached his dream," Marian Vajda said. "But now he is dominating the game and is beating the likes of Federer and Nadal, which was impossible before."

Marian Vajda further revealed that before 2011, Novak Djokovic had serious doubts about whether he could reach the No. 1 ranking. But Djokovic refused to give up, and kept putting in the hard yards to get closer to his goals.

"He really did put through the sweat and patience for the sport, developing his game through pain and effort - even when there was a time that he didn’t believe he could make it to No. 1, for those five years between 2006 and 2011," Vajda continued.

Marian Vajda highlighted this aspect while suggesting that Novak Djokovic could break many more records if he remains healthy. "He is physically stronger, altered his diet and changed his attitude to the practices," Vajda said.

"If his health remains stable, I know he can break more records, he is very motivated." Novak Djokovic’s other coach, Goran Ivanisevic, also shed some light on his the Serb's zealous nature. The Croat revealed that he feels proud at how Djokovic works to improve himself 'every day'

"With Novak, every day is to improve he pushes to be better and when I see the amazing results, it makes me a better coach," Ivanisevic said. "However, it’s not easy, there are a lot of ups and downs with a lot of pressure because a final is not good enough," Ivanisevic added.

"Novak only strives for records and to win so it’s a lot of pressure, but without pressure, life is boring!"