'If Novak Djokovic makes me you know earn more I'll say...', says ATP ace

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'If Novak Djokovic makes me you know earn more I'll say...', says ATP ace
'If Novak Djokovic makes me you know earn more I'll say...', says ATP ace

We could be grateful for that "You are not a human". Immediately, Alexander Bublik gave the title to many. With spontaneity, without constructions, appreciating Jannik Sinner's ability to resist and adapt to his fascinating when indecipherable tennis.

In perspective, he may have stuck a media label on the shoulders of the South Tyrolean that will accompany him for a long time. "In the game I called him a couple of times robot, I really think he is not human - smiled the naturalized Kazakh at the press conference, interacting with the director Scanagatta - it is surprising that at 19 he has this mental strength that even older players experts have not.

He rejects the idea of defeat. The other young people are physiologically fluctuating in results, but he is built in a different way. I also told his coach about him, he's really a great player." Alexander Bublik believes the Novak Djokovic-led PTPA is all talk and no action.

According to Bublik, even though ATP isn’t a perfect organization in itself, the PTPA isn't a viable alternative as it hasn't offered any concrete solutions yet.

Bublik talks about the PTPA

"I just want to play tennis, I enjoy my life and you know I enjoy what I make and of course, if Novak Djokovic makes me you know earn more I'll say thank you.

But I won't fight for it," Alexander Bublik said about Novak Djokovic's efforts. "If they fight it's cool. I mean, I'm more on ATP side because at least we're playing now and you know for me sometimes they do a good job, sometimes a bad job." For him, the ATP is akin to the goose that lays golden egg, and so he has no intention of culling it by siding with Novak Djokovic and the PTPA.

"I believe before that we were making good money," Bublik said. "Like (in) 2019 I played 12 events I made like $900,000. I mean that's kind of okay you know. Of course we're not quite hockey or we're not football but at the end of the day ATP feeds us and I don’t want to go against it because I don't see anything that Novak or Vasek can really sue them for and really win something.

If I go into this, you know, imagine the talking because I've been when this PTPA started," he added. "I've been to this group and so much talks, they try to do so many things but nothing is going to be done, you know that. Basically, it's all about talking at the moment; I haven't seen anything that happens really."

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