Coach Goran Ivanisevic: Novak Djokovic is a winning institution

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Coach Goran Ivanisevic: Novak Djokovic is a winning institution

Coach Goran Ivanisevic has described Novak Djokovic as a ''winning institution,'' noting that the Serb is always striving to get better. Djokovic has made a strong start to this season, having led Serbia to the ATP Cup final before winning his 18th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open.

Djokovic -- who recently broke the record for most weeks spent as world No. 1 -- is now chasing the all-time Grand Slam record. “I just think with Novak Djokovic, today is good,” Ivanisevic said. “Tomorrow is not good anymore it has to be better.

“Every day has to be better every day you have to improve, you have to you know it pushes you to be better to be a better coach and you know you just, and you see the results you know results. “But it’s not easy.

It’s a lot of ups and downs, a lot of pressure, because a final is not good enough. “It’s like saying you’re coaching football club Real Madrid, you know, you lose two games and they encourage you to go.

They want to kick you out. “So now he is institution, he is only records, records, win win win and it’s a lot of pressure, but life without pressure is boring”.

Djokovic was recently praised by Janko Tipsarevic

"Novak is incredibly humble off the court,” Tipsarevic said on the Double Bagel podcast.

“He is probably talking about this stature, the most unmaterialistic person that you would ever meet. “Like when you normally create generational wealth, people like this tend to change. Novak, from the moment that I know him up until this point, didn’t change one single bit in any way “[He is] definitely the most unmaterialisitic person that I know. A guy with a big heart who is always trying to help everybody, especially Serbia and his teammates.